Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Deserved Fate for All Elected Officials


In all nations - local - on up to the top & "toss in" all bureaucrats, lawyers, lobbyists, etc. while we are at it. Since, I hate all elected "scumbag" officials at all levels - they deserve death.
I do Not play favorites.

We should re-open all previously closed vehicle/truck & manufacturing plants, steel & lumber mills and turn them into assembly-line guillotines for all undesireables (It is the only thing the French have done "right"). This would create alot of jobs in the process.

Because what is overriding purpose of an elected official - to do anything to elected & get re-elected. The goal of a bureaucracy is always to increase and get larger, gain more funds, & at the same time, grow in power and influence (this is a process that continues & never stops, until it is such a "uncontrollable big monster").

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