Sunday, October 19, 2008

Mekkar's Restructuring Plan - Miscellaneous Items
(Originally written 2/12/02)


No government student funding will provided for education at any school of higher learning. Also, institutes of higher learning will be required to make sure that graduates find employment in the degree fields of study, so that resources (mind, finances, etc.) are not wasted. (The current figure is less than 10% of higher education graduates work in their degree fields). Guidelines will be setup & followed or higher education will face severe penalties, beyond just closure.

All Ivy-League universities and colleges would be subject to complete and utter destruction. Every facility and their contents will belong to the Government. This will be done to "cut off" complete ties to current and past "corrupt national leadership".

75% of all undesireables (could be trash, human waste, etc.) will be put on rockets, shuttles, etc. and "shipped" into space. We have to put these space shuttles, accesories, and materials to use, somehow! The other 25% will be used for organic materials for landfills, solid waste sites, etc. like "rotten" fish.

Fees for visiting national parks, camp sites and other public lands would increase by 25%. Recreational Vehicles would pay an extra 25% fee to use current park camping facilities (because they fill up whole parks and take away space from "tent-campers"). Fees for using government lands for any purpose such as grazing, mining, etc. would be increased by 50% of the current rates. No self-interests would be "served" here.

The fee on VA mortgages would be increased by 7%, however this would not be a retro-active fee.

Logging would be severly restricted and no clear cutting would be allowed. Cutting every-other tree might be acceptable on a predtermined basis. Old-growth trees would be cut to prevent disease, etc.

Many more buildings will be available for inexpensive, low-income public housing across the nation - like the UN building in New York City.

Plus, so very much more ....

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