Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Prevent Defense
(Originally written 1/27/02)


Why would you change what has been working throughout the game ? It is frustrating to watch or listen to (on the radio)! Look at model of business. If it is working - "Keeping doing it"!

With all the "supposed expertize" among coaches in professional sports, especially in the National Football League (NFL) - you would think they would have taken into account and noticed all the past examples of where this strategy has failed.

Now there this concept shows up in offenses, too! It is packaged as "killing time off the clock, a conservative strategy, etc.". Tell me this "prevent you from losing the game (both on offense & defense)" has worked the way it was intended.

How effective has these tactics and strategy worked in your own opinion ? Great intentions don't "get the job done", in any field. The realm of sports is not outside "effective operation" through "effective execution".

My friends and I (many are athletes) "go crazy" and start to criticize, as soon as we see these tactics being used. What do you do when you see this "prevent" happening ?

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