Sunday, October 19, 2008

Stopping the "flow" of Immigration
(Originally written 2/14/02)


No matter what the INS does, it will not be able to stem the tide.

There are not enough border guards on the southern end of the country to even slow down the illegal immigration flowing across the borders.

The reason why the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) has failed in its purpose is because, by treating all foreigners like welcome guests, the greed factor is involved. Bring us your & spend it here in the US. I hear that after the attacks, there will be screening of all visitors to the US.

No matter how much the technology improves this will be found "close to impossible". Some always "fall through the cracks". America has a thought-process that believes that technology will eventually solve all problems. Wrong!

Remember, it is easy to duplicate and forge documents, passports (even with embedded code), visas, and even fingerprints. Ask any "old safe-cracker" or artificial-limb user. The only real un-modifiable method of identification is through DNA testing.

However, the execution of this method would not be possible at border checkpoints for the many citizens & visitors. The result would be such a drop in tourism to the US and many travel-related industries would be negatively affected. The cost and time involved would astronomical.

The INS has done such a poor job in the past, what makes anyone think that their future performance would be any better. Even if they receive a super computerized personnel database to track activities of all foreigners! It would be hackers paradise and I suspect quite a few would go in and arrange some information to their liking or for profit.

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