Friday, November 28, 2008

You Were Told Flouride Is Good For You

It even says in the commercials & sometimes on the toothpaste box - Flouride fights cavities.

My question is : But, does it win ?

There are many fighters "out there" with losing records.

Many know that the government allows & even encourages "putting in" flouride into the drinking water supply in the United States. A contrary example, another first-world progressive thinking nation such as Sweden banned this practice in the 1960's after much scientific study. Hmmm, I wonder why ? Of course, the government helps their "buddies" and does want this course of action to continue to further the most greedy, corrupt medical/pharmaceutical industry on earth.

I have heard people say that the American Dental Association (ADA) approves the use of flouride.

You know why the ADA recommends flouride ?

Even though they know that flouride is a "bad thing" (a toxic waste product from rock - as tested in laboratories).

This same ADA put their "seal of approval" on the use of mercury in teeth fillings for many years - which is now being proved as a "poisoning" health hazard to some people.

The ADA is nothing more than a private bureaucracy & a lobbyist organization. The more people go to the dentist, the more dentists are involved in the ADA membership, and the result is that ADA grows in power, influence, and money. The purpose is to "bribe" & make "back-office deals" with political officials that determine policy.

There are even statements such as "prevents" this or that - However, is it successful ? How much did it "really prevent" ? Just another thought!

The Rule is the one with most money and power always wins! Otherwise, prove me wrong!

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