Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Only, If Businesses Pay For Them

If businesses want employees with post high school degrees - let them pay for them. No degree holders should be brought in through immigration either (even when these cheap bastard companies try this tactic).

No public money should ever be used to "prop-up" these self important, useless institutions of higher learning (Universities of Bullshit). If these education institutions "go under" - even better. If all higher learning institutions were permanently closed, then maybe those already with degrees will be valued again and that diploma might be worth something more than "the paper it is printed on".

How many of you spent $100,000 or more on your "higher education" and it has Not paid for itself ? In most cases, your fancy degree will never "pay for itself". Tell me how many "higher educated people" work in their degree fields ?

I see in many sources the media feeds people the elite B.S. line about how a bachelors degree will equal higher employment earnings during a person's lifetime. For most, and especially now, that statement is an out-and-out lie.

It is part of an elite plot to deceive people into believing that they can "get ahead" within the current "system". Instead the upper classes are "counting on" the average person being burned out from the extra effort toward achievement, distracted, in a lot of debt, and losing all possessions (then claimed by the elite owners). They want you to "give up" due to your failure to get to their upper-class status and be reliant on the government and elites. Thus, you become a slave for them.

George Carlin said "they want it all" and "the game is rigged against you".

Has our modern society actually progressed ? I think Not, because on "this road" - this is our future.

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