Thursday, June 4, 2009

Education Is Only Good For One Thing

Education is good for only one thing.

It should serve only one purpose - to question everything and make up your mind. Not automatically accept some belief or "fact" because of another person or source. If you did not learn this lesson in your "schooling", then you wasted your time.

The reality is that the need for Higher Education is a "created" lie and myth "pushed" by the elites, from many sources, to give you the false belief that one can climb "above" their "set station" in life. You need much help along the way in the rise to success and enter the "upper-crust" of a society.

The elite goal is discouragement and a "killing" of the average person's will. They have "set-up" the system for you to fail and to be content in accepting your "fate". They do not want many "risers" as to keep control of what they already have for themselves.

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