Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Does Mexico Really Want To Defeat The Drug Cartels

Then the Mexican government needs to "sack up" and use the drug cartels tactics against them. Leave "cartel employee" dead bodies as a warning and be even nastier than their current strategy.

Don't just arrest - shoot these leaders, their accomplices, and their relatives. Put it on National TV to show your opponents that you "mean business". Collateral damage be dammed!

Firebomb & destroy cartel compounds from the sky, if needed. For example, spray Agent Orange or Nuke a town to show - that you plan on winning. Even go as far as attacking the source, even another nation. Kill all prison & jail inmates to prevent cartel "ranks swelling".

It doesn't matter how you win - as long as you win. But, I am the only one who has the "balls" to use any means necessary to "get the job done".

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