Thursday, December 11, 2008

Stronger Bullying The Weaker

Note: For the purposes here - war/time includes governmental "non-declared formal" wars and "police actions" as dictated by the Presidential branch.

A excuse, used by George H. Bush (the elder), for an invasion led by the United States (under a guise of the United Nations) was that the stronger nations have no right to "pick on" weaker nations {my paraphrase of what George Bush Sr. actually said}.

This is quite humorous & full of shit considering that the American military has started many wars with much smaller nations since the "outgoing" President Dwight D. Eisenhower warned the U.S. public, on television in the late 1950's, about the government-industrial-military complex.

Hmmm, notice that the United States doesn't pick "a fight" against a "real" opponent - some nation that could give it a "run for its money - like the Russians or Chinese. But, someone who the "big bully" knew they should defeat. However, that didn't work in Vietnam for the U.S. or Afghanistan for the Russians.

The premise behind that statement was that each succeeding President would involve the country in some war. That Prophecy has been self-fulfilling in that most have been in wars since that time. Because Presidents are just "tools" & "puppets" (i.e. - a "front-man") of the groups and individuals who hold "the real power" behind the scenes. At the same time, most of the American public has been "too dull" to recognize this.

Wars tend to help a "struggling, recession" economy recover - but only in the short-term. Long-term wars hinder the economy, because most war-related products are not normally purchased & used by the "everyday, civilian" economy. Thus, alot of over-production of not useful "real" goods and consumables.

Plus, in a war-time, priority dictates that there is a lack of production of items that do not directly help the war effort. "Shifting economic gears" is easier said than done and takes awhile to "reconvert" back to a "normal" non war-time economy. Not surprisingly, that "opens the door" for considerable waste and "behind the scenes" price "gouging" & similar activities.

The powerful, wealthy elites love wars because they make even more money "off of everyone else", gain more control over society as a whole, and do not have to sacrifice their very lives in the "effort".

Yes, the average person does not have "a clue" about what "really goes on" and who is in "real" control.

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