Monday, May 25, 2009

Do Not Purchase From Any Ads

Do Not purchase any program, service, or item - even popular ones - from any media source (TV, Radio, Newspaper, Internet, etc.) before doing some research (Via Internet, non-ad sponsored Consumer Reports, Ripoff, etc.) on it first or if you know - Not think you know - exactly what you are buying.

If you cannot find any information - then, definitely don't buy! (I know this is hard for a culture of consumers). Otherwise, you will be the "guinea pig" or the one "falling" for the scam (That includes the various scams out there such as the infamous 419 "Nigerian" frauds (in its many forms).

My first tactic is that I normally look up the name or website and "attach" the word - scam - with it for my internet searches. I usually use a multi-search engine program such as Copernic Agent Pro.

If you follow this buying strategy - you will save yourself some money and heartache.

Remember, the elites (the ones "really" in control) want the average person broke and begging - that is totally dependent on them.

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