Monday, August 17, 2009

Don Coryell Deserves a Place in Football's Hall

Why is Don Coryell Not in the pro Football Hall-of-Fame ? Maybe because he didn't win a Super Bowl ?

Bill Walsh is known as the "father" of the "West Coast Offense". However, he is not the developer, creator, or innovator of the West Coast offense. That would be Sid Gillman and carried on by Don Coryell. Every time you watch football on Sundays - every team is running a variation of the Don "Air" Coryell offense. Mike Martz said that the St. Louis Rams "Greatest Show on Turf" teams ran the exact (even the same exact terminology) offense created by Coryell over 40 years earlier.

Kellen Winslow (a Hall of Famer) said it best when he said if the Hall of Fame voters don't induct Coryell for his contributions to the game of football, then the voters do not know football and should not determine who "gets in" or not. He said they should be replaced by those who recognize innovators and contributors to football.

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