Sunday, October 19, 2008

Mekkar's Restructuring Plan - Changes In The Law
(originally written 2/12/02)


The President can take upon themself any matter and apply binding decisions upon any dispute or amount of individuals involved. The President can overrule any case or decision, by anyone, at their discretion. No legal action can be conducted against any decision made by the President or their government. This will be a dictatorship and absolute law applies - all are subject to it.

The defendent will be presumed Guilty unless proved innocent! The President can presume anyone Guilty at any time without a trial. An accusation of this type by the President is a serious matter and can only be settled in direct negotiation with the President themself. No individual can be named the as the defendent when a business is involved. Actions directly endorsed by the President are immune from suit and prosecution. Violators will be made to "Suffer".

The current Law system will be "streamlined" with legal terms interpreted by their exact meanings in a specific, defined dictionary. The new legal system will eliminate the current "sue-happy" atmosphere permeating our society. In other words, individuals will not be able to sue another or a business for just any reason. There will be risk involved for the plantiff.
If neglect is determined, then the one at fault will reciprocate the injured party. However, if the one individual suing another is found to be "stupid" and acted irresponsibly, then that individual will be endure both parties court costs plus 50% of all individual assets. Another possibility, is throwing both the "offending" lawyer and client both together in prison with regular immates.

Only 1 defendent, at a time, can be named in a civil suit. No individual can be named as the defendent when a business is involved. Guilty and Not Guilty decisions will be based on the "majority" of the evidence.

No defendent will escape deserved punishment under "the Law" because of human error, a loophole in "the Law", or a technicality. "Impartial" Juries will eliminated, on the basis of their relative inexperience with "the Law" and their tendency to be swayed by media pressure or emotional arguments. Judges will serve their duty "uncorruptly" or face the severe torture and death for their families, as well as themselves.

Capital punishment will be instituted for punishment against criminals. Any theft by any individual 5 years old and older will have their Right Hand cut off! Any person commiting a murder, unless accidental means can be proved, will be shot! (an eye for an eye!) Anyone convicted of rape will be castrated. Later, if the plantiff has lied they will be shot and all of their personal posessions will become property of the State and sold.
All persons, currently in prisons, jails, etc., that were previously convicted of major crimes such as any degree of murder, etc. are to be immediately taken out and shot! All other prisoners will be made available for scientific experimentation.

The media reporter non-disclosure of sources standard will be declared invalid and subject to firing squad.

50 % of all current lawyers in the legal profession will be shot! Also, 3/4 of all Law schools will be permanently closed. If the President doesn't like you - you're gone! These are only some examples of changes to made to the law.

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