Sunday, October 19, 2008

Mekkar's Restructuring Plan - Political Realm
(Originally written 2/12/02)


Part of the restructing plan would include a Presidential salary cut by 50% from the current rate of $200,000 per year. (So, this restruction is not about money issue for one individual). Ministers would appointed by The President to organize and operate the individual states. State legislatures would be disbanded and replaced.

That means many "pork-barrel" congressional & bureaucratic programs & agencies will be eliminated. Limits will placed on representative time in office and severe restrictions will placed on political figures campaign finances & contribution system - altogether eliminating all political action committees. All capital congressional & presidential lobby groups will be disbanded and those working for them will be "thrown out". Lobbyists and their associates will not be allowed in the "new capital". Lobbying The President will result in being placed before a firing squad.

If the "Cultural Restructuring" is completed before scheduled, any promises made by newly elected officials will be required to be fullfilled to retain national "political power". City councils, State legislatures, and the national political structure will be conducted on a European party program system. This sytem makes individuals and political parties more accountable for failing to keep campaign promises - failure to act on these promises will result in automatic "stepping-down" from "Power" by the offending parties, individuals, or groups. There is always more than just two sides to every issue.

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